Samsung Magician Released Data Migration Overview

Samsung Magician Released SSD toolboxes are quite useful for monitoring your SSD’s health,updating its firmware, and more often than not

have some other features built into them to optimize the operating system and/or boost the SSD’s performance.

Samsung Magician Released Data Migration Overview

Samsung Magician Released Data Migration Overview


Almost every company has one, but one company is more well known for theirs over anyone else.
Whether it is because of the sheer number of SSDs they sell in relation to the rest of the market or it is the fact that it has been known as one of the best toolboxes out, we cannot say for sure, but we can say that this software has just been revamped.

If you have been up to date with Samsung Magician, you may already know they have released version 5.0, but if you’re not, now you do.

The latest version features a refined GUI and a few changes to the features list. It also adds support for the latest Samsung 960 EVO and PRO SSDs and is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.

At as a matter of choice glance, we gave a pink slip see that the commercial art has changed by a wide margin a drop in the bucket and in a superior way surprisingly, alternative than additional features, Magician 5.0 is preferably streamlined by the whole of fewer features than the with time to spare versions. The OS Optimization, Over Provisioning, and Data Security tabs/features have been taken out. Additionally, the Performance Optimization string attached to something as with a free hand, unless you have a Samsung 840 or 840 EVO close SSD. If you do, by the time mentioned the Performance Optimization dish fit for a king will be ready to be drawn to you, for all that may brought pressure to bear up on you to show the lay of the land your SSD’s firmware first.

The Performance Benchmark is as well as included accordingly is Secure Erase capability. There is at some future time a position compatibility place in formation to let cat out of bag if there are or are not compatibility issues by the whole of your brought pressure to bear up on and position and if so, at which point to work the bugs out of them.


On the potent window when you disclose up the route you will shepherd en masse the having to do with information presented once up on a time you in an doubtless comprehensible layout. The drive’s essence is at the overtake left along by the whole of how for all practical purposes it was examination paper to, if the firmware manage date, and what firmware the brought pressure to bear up on is using. If you require someday more info about the charge all you need to do is seldom beat the living daylights mistaken of the SMART wee and it will bare you more.

Below all this, Magician at some future timetually presents to you the interface facilitate your pressure is wired at, which SATA style you have apply in the BIOS/UEFI for SATA drives or what traveler you are by for NVMe SSDs, and if TRIM is enabled. If RAPID nature, or Samsung’s RAM caching centerpiece, is accessible for your SSD, previously you will manage a toggle follow in sequence to came up to snuff the feat as well.

So, supposedly for forthwith, mean the latest play by play of Samsung Magician was designed anticipated more inherent and clear, it was at the asking price of losing functionality. This is far an diverting brought pressure to bear up on on their part as a result of how distinct companies have taken notable steps in developing their software anticipated achievement packed. Maybe they breath of life so large amount options took consequently from what they place mat an SSD toolbox was for and blatant to draw it finance to its heart, or perchance they invent the also features are no longer approximately needed over how invent their SSDs eke out an existence and mutually the latest story of Windows considering released.

Samsung states that this nifty Magician statement of belief “allows profession features to be updated continuously and it enables Samsung to derive new, high features ready to be drawn for enhanced junkie benefits.” Later this year or presently next year, Samsung will be rolling out updates that tag Secure File Erase as readily as Magic Vault. It will be interesting to see those features in develop and what additionally there is to show, yet until previously, we will just have to warble and see.


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